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I am Laonikos, a creative artist and wilderness guide living in Helsinki. (I'm originally from Greece, though.) Here's my elevator pitch:

Through my work I explore ways in which creative arts and being in the wilderness can help us connect to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us.

I work primarily with music and I am deeply interested in improvisation as a way of investigating reality. I perform, compose, collaborate, lead workshops, and sing in the shower; I also work with movement, speech, and written word. I see all these as as different expressions of similar processes.

I studied composition at Guildhall and I am a certified wilderness guide. I now live in Helsinki where I am on the GLOMAS programme at the University of the Arts. I work seasonally as a guide and as a part-time bartender, which is great.

My favourite wikipedia page is by far the List of Common Misconceptions. I have a passion for saunas, I make hammocks, I bake bread weekly, and I like Belgian beer.


I believe in honesty. I believe in play, in sharing, in dance.

I believe that music is a verb, not a noun. That it is a social activity, a process, and its value is not found on a price-tag on a CD, but in the change it brings to the people involved.

That nature is something that we should see as a community, not a commodity. That art isn't something a few select people make for the rest of the world to consume, but an activity which is valuable in its many forms – a mother humming her baby to sleep is as valuable a musical experience as a symphonic piece by Brahms. (Perhaps the Brahms can be a bit less touching.)

What I find common in both being in the nature and musicking is the importance of listening. In other words, I believe that through engaging in creative arts and being in the wilderness we can allow ourselves to have conversations and connect – to ourselves, to each other and the world around us.

recent work

I'm organising two experiments in exploring how being wilderness affects improvisation, culminating in two performances in August and October 2015 in collaboration with Helsinki Meeting Point, as part of my thesis.

I am also preparing my final performance, a 7-hour improvisation (part solo, part with others) exploring the hinterland between consciousness and dreams, individuality and group, creativity and boredom, which will take place at the Musiikkitalo in November 2015.

We recently performed at Sarawak Culture Centre and Kuching Parliament in Malaysia as part of a camp organised by GLOMUS.

Here's one of my hammocks:


In August 2013 I wrote a talk on life, relationships, the self, nothingness, and meaning, titled Black Holes of the Mind for Three Discourses, a collaboration with Matthew Lee Knowles at the Barbican Centre during Hack The Barbican 2013.

In November 2013 I gave a talk on "Wilderness Guiding and Changing the World" and another on "How to be Human". I'm writing an essay related to both.

In spring 2013 I completed mtloo1.0 – a Max/MSP looper using Apple's magic trackpad. Here's a nifty video of what it can do:

For a complete list of compositions and performances, click here.


I am @laonikoss pretty much everywhere on the internet.
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life motto

"Hakuna matata!"

–Timon & Pumbaa