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I am Laonikos, a musician and wilderness guide living in Helsinki. (I'm originally from Greece, though.) Here's my elevator pitch:

My three passions are wilderness, music and people. Through my work, I seek to explore ways in which wilderness and music can help us connect to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us.

I studied composition and piano at Guildhall in London, and I am also a qualified wilderness guide. At the moment I am on the GLOMAS masters programme in Sibelius Academy, and I work seasonally as a guide. Which is great.

I like collaborating with other artists, and my favourite wikipedia page is by far the List of Common Misconceptions. I hitchhike and couchsurf, I make hammocks, I love the winters in Finland, and I enjoy good chocolate and Belgian beer.


I believe in honesty. I believe in play, in sharing, in dance.

I believe that music is a verb, not a noun. That nature is something that we should see as a community, not a commodity, and that we have a lot to learn from other cultures – whose music is tightly connected to their land. Music is primarily a social activity, and its value is not found on a price-tag on a CD, but in the change it brings to the people involved.

What I find common in both nature and music is the importance of listening - in other words, I believe that music and the wilderness can enable us to have conversations and connect, to each other and the world around us.

recent work

I'm planning a sound installation exploring intimacy and the in-between dreams and reality, titled "tread softly". I am part of collaborative artistic research group in Sibelius Academy investigating issues of gestuality, performance and space through improvisation.

We performed at Aarhus Festuge and Sibafest in 2013 with GLOMAS, and presented work-in-progress with Arts School Lab at the Barbican in June 2013.

Here's one of my hammocks:


In August 2013 I wrote a talk on life, relationships, the self, nothingness, and meaning, titled Black Holes of the Mind for Three Discourses, a collaboration with Matthew Lee Knowles at the Barbican Centre during Hack The Barbican 2013.

This autumn I also gave a talk on "Wilderness Guiding and Changing the World" and another on "How to be Human". I'm writing an essay related to both.

Last spring I completed mtloo1.0 – a Max/MSP looper using Apple's magic trackpad. Here's a nifty video of what it can do:

For a complete list of compositions and performances, click here.


I am @laonikoss pretty much everywhere on the internet.
Here's my territory:

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life motto

"Hakuna matata!"

–Timon & Pumbaa