(Almost) Complete List of Works

This page was last updated on: 7 September 2022


  • poem.a (2016), edited an anthology of works by 29 artists from 11 countries in five languages, including poetry, prose, sketches, and journal entries. Commissioned for for artArctica. Visual design by Lorenzö. Available from Lulu.com.
  • umami-music (2015) — a book written specifically for the umami-music performance at Helsinki Music House (11 Nov 2015), consisting of other people's quotes and my own writings, exploring themes of improvisation, wilderness, presence, and listening. Available from Lulu.com and as PDF.
  • black holes of the mind (2013) — a chapbook/experimental performance writing text written for Hack the Barbican 2013, and performed by Matthew Lee Knowles at Barbican Centre. Available on Scribd.
  • my curry tastes of porridge (editor, 2012) — a collection of writings by wilderness guides, exploring the commonalities and differences of their relationship to the wild. Available from Lulu.com.
  • looking back (2012) — a collection of my own poetry written between 2007-2012, in Greek and English. Available from Lulu.com
  • Collection of Essays (2007-2012) — a collection of essays on aesthetics of art and music analysis



    • life is like a balloon (2013), 4-channel electronic piece, submitted to 60x60 Vox Novus competition, ca.60"
    • mucha (2013), 8-channel Max/MSP sampling piece using pre-recorded material, ca.10'
    • decomposition (2013), zen gong bell+live electronics (mtloo Max/MSP looper) on a poem by Jim Dodge, ca.3'
    • miina (2013), kantele+live electronics (mtloo Max/MSP looper) ca.7'
    • asatha (2013), electric guitar+live electronics (mtloo Max/MSP looper), improvisation, ca.7'
    • haiku1 (2013), kantele+live electronics (Max/MSP, Logic) with text by Alan Watts, ca.7'
    • go-withit (2012), re-mixing two songs by Gold Panda with text by Alan Watts, ca.3'
    • valentinus (2012), sampling/remixing song guitar and electronics, ca.3'
    • mountain grassland (2012), sampling/remixing song guitar and electronics, ca.4'
    • wood-cranesbill (2012), looping video+audio beatboxing song about plant names, ca.3'
    • saluleyo (2012), looping video+audio on a brazilian note, ca.3'
    • an almost entirely improvised thing (2011), sampling/looping song with looping video clip, ca.3'
    • downward pressure (2011), short collaboration with Chris Bartholomew (live electronics) for piano and live electronics.
    • muhlying (2011), electronic remix of workshop recordings, ca.4'
    • dusted faces (2011), electronic remix of workshop recordings, ca.3'
    • pri-mal (2011), electronic remix of wild sounds, ca.2-3'
    • valentinus (2011), guitar and max/msp, ca.2' (interpretation of My Funny Valentine)
    • it's like a little rain came and went (2011), voice, max/msp, ca.5'
    • sometitle (2011), electronic remix of the sound of a video of Lucy Ridley playing the mbira, c.8'
    • Sentimento des pas sur la neige (2011), found music, ca.4'
    • ouk estin (2011), for kantele, voice and electronics, ca.3', composed for a choreography in Miguel Monteiro Sena's adaptation of Plato's Phaedrus for stage on 16 May 2011 in Coimbra, Portugal.






  • Visions of Japan (2017), a collection of pieces for shakuhachi and string instruments. Written for Joe Lee (Nashville, Tennessee)
  • 11 Transformations on Alkan (2013), performed by the Virr String Quartet on 2nd of November 2013 as part of the Stoke Newington Contemporary Music Festival, and at NONCLASSICAL, ca.5'
  • shaw (2013), for the GLOMAS 1st year band, a collaborative process lead by myself involving piecing together and creating different kinds of material with the group, ca.8'
  • flipitiflops (2012), for brass quintet, ca.10-15'
  • les étoiles sont belles (2011), for eight unaccompanied voices, ca.5-6' workshopped with EXAUDI, (dir. James Weeks) on 17 January 2010.
  • interlude2 (2010), for piano, ca.1' performed by the composer and seven more people as part of a SnM concert on 8 July 2010.
  • The Wet Lettuce (2010), for percussion quintet, ca.3'
  • and keep the clay wet (2010), for string quartet, ca.10'
  • JAM+ (2010), for trumpet, flute, violin, voice, and conductor, ca.3-4' written for and performed by Jonathan Abraham (trumpet), Alison Comerford (violin), Maaike van der Linde (flute), Nicoletta Tiberini (voice) and Chiel Busscher (conductor); workshopped with Nico Muhly at the Barbican Centre, London. (Fountain Room) on 6 October, 2010.
  • sight-reading (2010), for piano (4 hands), 2 cellos, violin, and trumpet, ca.3-4' written for and performed by Maarit Kangron (cello), René van Munster (cello), Alison Comerford (violin), Jonathan Abraham (trumpet), Frank Oppedijk (piano) and myself (piano), on 1 September 2010 in Skálhólt, Iceland as part of an open stage evening in the Joint Masters NAIP summer school.
  • for nine piccolos (2010), for nine piccolos, ca.5' performed on 13 July 2010 by nine flute players at a SnM concert
  • ink haste (2009), composed a piece based on a CPU cooler, in collaboration with the Materials Library, King's College London. Performed at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama as part of the Conservatoir Conference on 2 March, 2009. [score]
  • who are you, olivier messiaen? (2009), for ensemble and conductor, ca.5-6' performed by the composer with seven more players
  • I Got Isorhythm (2008), for percussion quartet, ca.5'
  • fun-fare (2008), for wind and brass quintet, ca.5', performed by Treblos Wind Quintet and Quantabile Brass Quintet at Kensal Rise Methodist Church in 2008.
  • you close your eyes and your ears (2008), for soprano and three instruments, ca.6' (text by the composer)
  • five foci (2008), for wind quintet, ca.10' by Treblos Wind Quintet [audio]
  • Trio Tarantella (2006), for guitar, accordion, and piano


  • find the sound (2010), for piano trio, ca.5-7' written for and performed by the Larkin Trio (David Larkin, violin; Nancy Redman, cello; Rebecca Wiles, piano) on 14 July 2010 as part of a SnM concert.
  • junshi (2008), for string quartet, ca.12'
  • SuSy (2008), for any three bowed string instruments, ca.5'
  • Fuga Stringa (2005), for string quartet, ca.2'


  • bleed (2011), for symphony orchestra, ca.5-6', workshopped with Julian Anderson and Aaron-Holloway Nahum, on 25 May 2011. [audio]
  • junkspace-progress? (2010), for piano and ensemble, with live electronics, ca.10-12' workshopped with Aaron Holloway-Nahum
  • too many notes, herr Mozart (2009), for orchestra, ca.5'
  • Superfluidity (2008), for chamber ensemble, ca.4', workshopped with Graham Fitkin and recorded by nine players of the LCO (dir. Gregory Rose) as part of LCO New: Explore (2007/08)
  • I Am The Blue Jay Way (2008), for orchestra, singers and drum-kit, ca.4' Arrangement of "I am the Walrus" and "Blue Jay Way" by The Beatles, written for Tomorrow Never Knows, an event hosted to celebrate the work of George Martin (a GSMD alumnus)
  • Piano Concertino for the Young Jazzist (2006), for piano and orchestra, ca.6'



  • artArctica Festival and Residency 2017 (9-11 February 2017), led on the artistic production, curation, stage management of artArctica Festival and a ten-day residency with artists from across the Arctic — [promo video]
  • artArctica Festival 2016 (11-13 February 2016), led on the artistic production and stage management of artArctica festival, a fully-funded multi-arts international festival spanning three days with over 40 artists from across the Arctic — [promo video]
  • Songs of Life and Death (31 October 2014), collaborated with Salasanat Finland, Sivuvalo, Suomen venäjänkielisten kirjailijoiden yhdistys, Logrus and Caisa International Cultural Centre, and Kasper Salonen in organising an event at Caisa Culture Centre including a poetry jam and music, around the theme of life and death.
  • 6666_events (6-11 June 2014), collaborating with Matthew Lee Knowles and Emma Sampson in organising and facilitating a global participatory event. Website, Facebook, Twitter.


  • pho (2011), arranged and facilitated collaboration with Chris Bartholomew (live electronics), John Moore (saxophone), Matthew Lee Knowles (megaphone), and The People Pile. Performed at a Society of New Music concert at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
  • or: love is not a photograph / or: take me like a photograph (2011), third and final installment of the piece, this time involving a composer, a poet, three dancers, a violin, a violoncello, a live video projection, sitar, voice, live electronics, and two actors. Performance lasted 45', on The Shunt's last evening before closing down at the Bermondsey venue, on 16th of April, 2011.
  • or: take me like a photograph (2011), for violin, viola, two actors, soprano saxophone (doubling alto), live electronics, and two dancers, ca.20'; the second installment of or: love is not a photograph, performed at the ICA on the 27th of February as part of The Shunt: Live Weekend five-day residency at the ICA.
  • or: love is not a photograph (2011), for string quartet, sop. saxophone, live eletronics, two actors, a poet, and three dancers, ca.20' performed at The Shunt on the 4th of February.
  • model5 (2011), collaboration with Chris Bartholomew (live electronics) in co-composing a live score for Angelina Jandolo's choreography Aqueous Run during rehearsal sessions between the musicians, dancers, and choreographer. Performed as part of Resolution! 2011 at The Place, London, on 24 January 2011.
  • ljósaskipti, a collaborative composition by the participants of the NAIP summer school in Skálholt, Iceland. Performed with about 100 schoolchildren in Skálholt cathedral on the 6th of September, 2010. [piano]


  • Soundcamp Reveil #9 (2022), a livestream from the River Lea as part of Soundtent's Soundcamp Reveil event on International Dawn Chorus Day 2022 with shakuhachi and live electronics
  • Five Haiku (2021), a series of five online improvised livestreams with shakuhachi and live electronics as part of the Spring 2021 programme by We're All Bats
  • Soundcamp Reveil #8 (2021), a livestream from the River Lea as part of Soundtent's Soundcamp Reveil #8 on International Dawn Chorus Day 2021[video]
  • Solo Concert (2020), a 45-minute solo shakuhachi concert featuring traditional honkyoku music at Making Tracks Tour 2020, part of Making Tracks 2020 Residency[video]
  • Koku-Kokil (2020), a collaboration exploring overlaps between shakuhachi honkyoku music and Kazakh dombra music, with Aida Zhakhanbek, part of Making Tracks 2020 Residency and Tour
  • Melia White Hotel (2019), solo shakuhachi performance for a Japanese-themed tapas night
  • Eden Project (2019), solo performance in the Eden Project rainforest biome, part of the September 2019 Community Camp event
  • Took part in Extinction Rebellion: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (2019), a communal colllective performance led by Sam Lee and organised by Extinction Rebellion
  • Performer and Assistant Duty Manager for Kabeiroi, a Punchdrunk production during September-November 2017.
  • Baggage // Beethoven's Violin Concero in D Major, Op.61 (2017), a deconstruction and wild re-interpretation of Beethoven's Op.61 Violin Concerto, with a mixed ensemble consisting of squib//box, SCRAM and soloist Chihiro Ono. Performed at The Old Dentist, London, and broadcast on BBC Radio 3's "Hear and Now". [electric guitar, shakuhachi]
  • dance performance (2016), an improvised dance duet with Katarina Sjöblom at Forum Teatteri, Helsinki, as part of Sámi Independence Day celebrations, organised by City-Sámit.
  • umami-music II (2016), a three-hour improvisation with Chris Bartholomew and Petra Poutanen-Hurme at Hoxton Basement, London. Performance and umami-music EP-Launch. [buy album] [listen]
  • Sata sanoa (2015), a collaborative piece we wrote with GLOMAS Ensemble, performed at the Multicultural Independence Day (6.12.2015) at Helsinki Town Hall. [kantele, click song]
  • umami-music (10 November 2015), a five-hour durational improvisation project with Chris Bartholomew, and guests Katarina Sjoblom, Antonio Alemanno, Amanda Kauranne and Petra Poutanen-Hurme. Performed at Helsinki Music Centre [buy album] [listen]
  • Alive (osa 1) (2015), xiao-flute improvisation with dancer Nadja Pärssinen in Kumpula, Helsinki
  • Immersive Listening (2015), Improvisation with three musicians and three dancers at Vapaan Taiteen Tila, in an event co-hosted by Helsinki Meeting Point on 28 August 2015
  • GLOMAS Ensemble Final Concert (2015), performed with the GLOMAS second year band at SKS on 29 April 2015
  • GLOMUS Choir (2015), performed as part of the GLOMUS Big Choir in Sarawak Cultural Village and Kuching Parliament, Malaysia, as part of GLOMUS Camp 2015
  • GLOMUS Small band (2015), performed as part of a GLOMUS small band in Sarawak Cultural Village with a group of local school children, as part of GLOMUS Camp 2015.
  • shaman song (21 August 2014), collaborated with Amos Asare and Helmi Camus in producing a 20-minute structured improvisational piece which we presented at the Critical Perspectives on Music Education and Religion conference 2014.
  • GLOMAS Final Concert (2014), performed with GLOMAS in our final concert in Black Box, Musiikkitalo [prepared piano, live electronics, percussion, voice]
  • 3Corners of the World (2014), performed improvised music with David Rothenberg, Petri Kuljuntausta, and Juho Kuusi at Caisa Culture Centre [el. guitar, live electronics, percussion, voice]
  • ETNO-ESPA jooga (2014), performed for a yoga session lead by Meri Mort at Pihasali as part of ETNO-ESPA festival. [kantele, percussion, live electronics]
  • GLOMATIZING 2 (2014), performed with GLOMAS on 17th of May at the Agora Space in Musiikkitalo, Helsinki [percussion, voice, prepared piano, live electronics, bowed kantele]
  • silly explorations (2014), short collaboration with Alicia Burns as part of my Master's Performance Exam in Sibelius Academy. [live electronics]
  • RAMA Festival (2014), performed with GLOMAS orchestra (Aarhus+Helsinki groups). [prepared piano, piano, conducting]
  • GLOMATIZING (2013), performed with GLOMAS big band at Sibelius Akatemian Kamarimusiikkisali. [prepared piano, piano, voice]
  • Barbercan (2013), a work-in-progress presented at the Barbican Freestage as part of Arts School Lab 2013. [Max/MSP, scissors]
  • Inari CLUB Night (2012), performed 3 songs on guitar at SAJOS centre in Inari, Finland, 16 December 2012. [guitar+voice]
  • Poke the Globe (2012), performed a piece written collaboratively by a group of 16 EVS volunteers, in Metsäkartano, Finland. [djembe]
  • Open-Mic Comedy (2012), performed a 5-minute stand-up routine at The Cavendish Arms. [comedy]
  • Midsummer Night Stuff (2011), collaboration with Chris Bartholomew (electronics), John Moore (saxophone), William Shakespeare ("A Midsummer's Night Dream") and The People Pile. Performed as part of Shama Rahman's "Gung-Ho Down", at RichMix, London, on 1 July 2011.
  • voice with guitar (2011), improvisations for speaker, guitar, and zen buddhist bell with Matthew Lee Knowles, ca.90'; performed with Matthew Lee Knowles at the ICA on the 23rd of February, 2011 as part of The Shunt: Live Weekend five-day residency at the ICA.
  • singing, speaking, shouting, screaming.., by Matthew Lee Knowles. Performed at Stoke Newington Library on the 15th of July 2010 [singing; speaking; shouting; screaming]
  • Memaveeaneursajumoprosusiverepoaralalrigaolelapietancamocabegacecewavycama, by Matthew Lee Knowles. Performed as part of the New Music Festival at GSMD on the 9th of July 2010 [kantele]
  • Improvisation, an improvisation with Chris Bartholomew (on electronics). Performed as part of a Society of New Music concert on the 9th of July 2010 [piano]
  • Drawing, by Jon Roskilly. Performed on the 9th of July 2010 as part of a Society of New Music concert [piano]
  • Vexations, by Erik Satie. Performed at King's Place together with another 27 pianists on the 1st of May 2010, as part of London Sinfonietta's "Experiment" concert series [piano]
  • mutatis mutandis 36, by Herbert Brün. Society of New Music concert, March 2010 [graphic score, then performed on the piano]
  • Traditional Finnish Folk Music at a concert organised by Eva-Leena Pokela on the boat Bar & Café Nikolai II docked in Helsinki port, on the 8th of December 2009 [kantele; harmonium; singing]
  • The Story of the Magnificent Banquet, by Matthew Lee Knowles. Performed as part of a Society of New Music concert in October 2008 [piano]
  • an ensemble piece, by Casey Middaugh. Performed in June 2008 at Spitalfields Market as part of the Spitalfields New Music Festival [conductor]
  • The Sound Through Shunt Project, by Nahum Mantra. Performed in The Shunt Lounge on the 16th and 17th of January 2008 [clarinet; guitar]
  • Various songs, as part of a series of concerts with Choir 43 at the GSMD in July 2008. [bass voice]
  • Imaginary Landscape No.4, by John Cage, cond. by Mike Roberts at the Barbican Foyer, 2008. [analogue radio]
  • Performed at SCHOOLWAVE FESTIVAL 2006 in Athens, Greece, with Roz Tost [keyboard]