The shakuhachi (尺八) is a Japanese end-blown bamboo flute. I have been studying with Clive Bell since 2015.

I am fascinated by the aesthetic in traditional shakuhachi music, which invites "non-musical" sounds into its palette and plays with the relationship between the controlled and that which is at the edges of or beyond control; the human and the more-than-human. I love the richness of sound produced by its simple construction, how every instrument is unique and every note blown a collaboration between performer, instrument, and place.

I play honkyoku, old traditional solo shakuhachi repertoire from Zen monasteries, as well as min'yo (folk music). I enjoy long, unhurried plays. I improvise on shakuhachi and electronics with a portable setup which I take outdoors, and I love collaborating with other artists, discovering new sides to the shakuhachi.

ink painting of a shakuhachi


If you are interested in learning the shakuhachi or are at the early stages of your journey, get in touch and I would be happy to have a chat. I am happy to give you advice on where to purchase your first instrument, what to look out for, differences between materials and so on. The first lesson is free and I offer lessons either in person in London or online via zoom. I can also lend you a shakuhachi flute for your lesson.


I occasionally acquire used flutes and work to restore and improve them. I have many years of carpentry experience and take a huge amount of care not to undo any of the masterful work of the shakuhachi maker and only to repair damage or make adjustments. Below you can see the flutes I currently have for sale with a short description. For more photos, additional measurements, or recordings of specific sounds or fingerings, simply message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

All flutes come in a plastic bag but no additional accessories unless otherwise mentioned, and I have a stock of cases, bags, and caps available to buy. Payments are via my paypal shop and I have shipped shakuhachi to the UK and internationally and take care to package the flutes accordingly.


takeharu shakuhachi 1.7 front

NEW Takeharu (竹治) 1.7 £1,200. Weighs 355g. Sharp, clear, articulate sounds. Does everything a shakuhachi needs to do and can play all genres with equal depth - dai-kan register is a effortless and in tune. It is extremely responsive and a joy to play. Silver joint, kinko utaguchi. Comes with leather utaguchi cap.

shougetsu shakuhachi 1.9 front

NEW Shougetsu (松月) 1.9 £900. Weighs 354g, a wonderful and playful shakuhachi with a delicate and warm sound, but clear intonation and projection. Excellent for min'yo or for a C flute to have in one's bag for whenever needed. Comes with leather utaguchi cap.

chokusui shakuhachi 2.3 front

SOLD Chokusui (直水) 2.3 £750. A thinner shakuhachi in the kezuriné style (shaved roots). At 370g it is surprisingly responsive with open holes; meri notes are less stable, this flute is less suitable for contemporary works and more suitable for jinashi-style playing. A curious creation by a master maker. Comes with leather utaguchi cap.

shouzan shakuhachi 2.2 front

SOLD Shouzan (昌山) 2.2, tuned at 442hz. A robust, masterfully made shakuhachi which plays comfortably and confidently across all octaves. Strong focus, perfectly in tune. A bit on the chunky side at 455g, but a force to be reckoned with.